Here are all of the legendary soldier skins in COD Mobile.

I placed them side by side, so you can easily compare them. I hope this can help you decide which one you are going to buy when they come back.
When do legendary skins come back?
Mace came back right around the time Price comes out. I am guessing about every 4 new legendary skin release one old legendary skin will return.
Nikto - Dark Side
The first legendary skin ever.
Mace - Final Guard
Ghost - Retribution
If they are returning in the order of release, this one should be next!
Reaper - Ashura
Gunzo - Devil Jester
Outrider - Techborn
Firebreak - Basilisk
Price - Counter -Terror
Phantom - Osiris
In case if you are wondering. My name is Erick Su, I am a UX/UI designer, & a big time CODM fan boy with many legendary titles in my bag.
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