Web design 1-4 page(s)
$2,400 - $9,600 (Desktop + mobile) $2,400/page
Web design 5-9 pages
$11,100 - $19,980 (Desktop + Mobile) $2,220/page
Web design 10-14 pages
$20,200 - $28,280 (Desktop + Mobile) $2,020/page
Web design 15-19 pages
$27,900 - $35,340 (Desktop + Mobile) $1,860/page
Web design 20+ pages
$33,600+ (Desktop + Mobile) $1,680/page
​​​​​​​Digital product design
$120/hour (iOS app, Android app, web app, software)
Web no code development
$100/hour (Using Webflow, Editor X, Squarespace)
Logo design
Photos for digital product
The price depends on the need. (Paying a monthly fee to use our photos or fly our photographers out to take new pics.)
UX Writing
Let's work together.
Just send me an email or a Zoom invite.
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