Hello, my name is Erick Su. I am the owner of UX/UI design agency ES Art & D LLC. We designed websites, and apps for companies of all sizes,​​​​​​​ from startups to Fortune 500s.
ES Art & D is here to help you succeed by creating remarkable digital experiences.
When your customers are not standing in front of your physical locations, your app or website is your storefront and your service. For some of us, the digital experience is the only experience.

ES Art & D will work with you to transform business strategies and user needs into valuable products and experiences. We will assemble the right pre-vetted creatives (designers, illustrators, copywriters, photographers, etc) to bring your project out of this world.

Let us delight your customers.
History In Short
Erick founded "I <3 Erick Su's Artwork" as a traditional artist in 2010.

In 2014, Erick started doing a mix of graphic design and UX/UI design, so he changed his studio name to "ES Art & D". BTW, at this time, ES Art & D was just Erick's side business.

In 2018, Erick decided to shift the agency's focus to UX/UI design. That's when crazy things started to happen. Erick's Behance follower count jumped from 50 to 1,700+, among those followers there was Adobe Live.

In 2019, Erick got 4 features on Behance. Adobe paid him to teach UX/UI design on Adobe Live in San Fransisco. ✌️ 

Finally, in late 2020, ES Art & D LLC became Erick's full-time job. We worked with some of the world's coolest clients! We are excited to do more!
Honors & Awards
Behance Feature: UI/UX Gallery x3
Behance Feature: Adobe XD Gallery x3
Behance Feature: Adobe Illustrator Gallery
Behance Feature: Logo Design Gallery​​​​​​​
Featured UX/UI designer on Adobe Live​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Let's work together.
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