Web Design

Design 4 pages
Great for landing pages, blogs/news, etc.


Design 8 pages
Great for portfolio sites, event sites, wiki/databases, forums, etc.


Design 12 pages
Great for business sites, service provider sites, etc.


Design 32 pages
Great for eCommerce sites.



Web design pricing includes:

• Responsive design: desktop, tablet, and mobile with 3 breakpoints. 
• Content recommendations. 
• Copy recommendations. 
• 3 branding direction mood boards. 
• User personas. 
• Improved user flow. 
• Meeting accessibility requirements. 
• Image optimization.


Webflow development
Digital Product Design

App/software design

The average price of a mobile app design is 
$3,000 to $30,000

Brand Design

Brand Guidelines
Brand guidelines include Logo design, logo usage guide, brand colors, web grid, typography, photography guideline, and brand applications.)


Non-design Services

WordPress development

UX writing/Copywriting

Cost varies depending on location, number of images, and subject.

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