Web Design
Up to 4 pages
$7,999 (desktop + mobile)

Up to 8 pages
$13,999 (desktop + mobile)

Up to 12 pages
$18,999 (desktop + mobile) Best value


Webflow development
Digital Product Design

App/software design
(Average price of a mobile app design is 
$3,000 to $30,000)

UX Research

UX Qualitative Research
$1,000 (Includes 5 target user interviews via Usertesting.com)

Brand Design

Logo Design
Sub Services | Services provided by my trusted partners*.

WordPress development

UX writing/Copywriting

Photography for your design project
Cost varies (Serving locations: Brooklyn, Utah, London, and Iceland)

*These partners are so awesome, I am referring them to you without making a single dollar!
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